Faces of WGU Indiana

Face of WGU Indiana

Like the other students and graduates on this website, you have your own story. Your own life challenges. Your own ambitions and goals.

You may already be imagining what your life will be after you’ve mastered the coursework, earned your degree, and graduated.

Of course, getting there will require commitment and hard work—even overcoming real challenges—but all important things in life require effort. Your education is one of them.

You can count on all the faculty and staff of WGU to be there to help you reach your goals.

Bradford Bright, a WGU Indiana IT student, shares how WGU Indiana was a perfect fit while working two jobs. Jay-Jay Jagelka, a WGU Indiana IT student, shares how WGU Indiana's tuition makes it affordable. Rachel Ingram, a WGU Indiana BSN graduate, shares how WGU Indiana made it possible to raise seven children, work, and graduate. Jody Sloan, a WGU Indiana MBA graduate, shares how quickly he was able to get a better job after graduating.

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