FAQs about WGU Indiana’s Tuition and Financial Aid

Q: When do new terms begin?
For most degree programs, a new term begins on the first day of each month. Before beginning your first term, you must complete an Intake Interview with a WGU Indiana Enrollment Counselor, usually scheduled two weeks before your start date. You must also pay your tuition on the 22nd day of the month prior to your start date. Contact an Enrollment Counselor for more information.

Q. Is tuition refundable if I withdraw from my degree program?
WGU Indiana offers partial, prorated tuition refunds to students who withdraw before 60 percent of their term has been completed. Refunds beyond this point are not considered. The application fee and resource fee are not refundable.

Note: WGU Indiana application fees are non-refundable.

Q: Do I qualify for financial aid?
To qualify for state and federal aid, you must:

  • Hold U.S. citizenship or non-citizen eligibility
  • Possess a Social Security Number
  • Possess a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent
  • Register with the Selective Service (men only)
  • Maintain clean educational finances, e.g., no default citations on previous student loans or money owed from grant overpayment
  • Be enrolled or enrolling in an eligible WGU program as a full-time student

After meeting the qualifications above, your financial aid rewards are based on:

  • Federal FAFSA results.
  • Federal and state aid currently available, calculated by government and university distribution formulas and guidelines.
  • Varying institution and government criteria.

Q: How is aid calculated?
State and federal aid is awarded based on your individual educational costs, including tuition and fees, textbooks and materials, technology fees, travel , etc. The following formula is used to calculate your need:

Financial Need (FN) = Cost of Attendance (COA) – Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

WGU Indiana estimates your Cost of Attendance, which covers the items listed above. Federal FAFSA forms determine your Expected Family Contribution based on you or your parents’ income and savings (if you are a dependent). The lower the EFC, the more financial aid you’ll likely be awarded.

Q: What is my award letter, and when will I receive it?
Your award letter is a list of the awarded grants and loans that will be applied to your education. The Financial Aid Office will send you an email 2 -4 weeks after you complete the financial aid application process.

After beginning your degree program, WGU Indiana is responsible for disbursing your tuition and fee funds within 4-6 weeks. Excess money is applied to the cost of books and materials, technology expenses, etc. The Bursar will notify you if your financial aid does not cover the entire cost of your tuition and fees.

Q: What if I need to take time off? When do I begin repaying my loans?
WGU Indiana allows you to take a hiatus of up to five months after the end of your current term. Your request must be submitted in writing. Afterward, you have six months before you must begin repaying your loans; however, if you re-enroll within 180 days, your grace period is reestablished and you do not have to begin your loan repayment.

Note: New term enrollment begins on the first day of each month.

Q: What’s the difference between a "dependent" and "independent" student?
Dependent and independent statuses are used by the federal government’s FAFSA form to categorize students. If parents claim a student on their taxes as “dependent,” the student is required to include parental income information on their FAFSA form. In contrast, independent students file their own taxes each year and are only required to submit their individual financial information.

Q: Can I increase my financial aid amount if I lose my job or incur a major medical expense?
You may be able to increase your financial aid by going through an appeals process. A federal loan counselor will review the circumstances of your case and reach a decision; if approved the type of aid you receive may be affected. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information: finaid@wgu.edu.

Note: In compliance with federal audit requirements, all appeals must be fully documented.

Q: What is considered "satisfactory" academic progress?
Satisfactory academic progress is a standard set forth by the federal government. It outlines the eligibility requirements for financial aid, including your rate of progress toward earning a degree.

Your WGU Indiana mentor will help you track your progress and competency units to confirm that your WGU Indiana Degree Plan expectations are being met. Your mentor will also conduct a satisfactory academic progress review every six months to ensure that you are complying with federal standards. For more information, please read the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Q: How will my finances be affected if I decide to stop attending WGU Indiana?
If you choose to withdraw from your degree program or your competency units fall below WGU Indiana’s full-time status, you may have to:

  • Repay a portion of an awarded Pell Grant (for more information, review the Return of Title IV Funds)
  • Begin repaying your student loans after the six-month grace period has lapsed (Note: interest is applied to unsubsidized loans during the grace period).

Note: Under special circumstances, you may qualify for a forbearance or deferment period. Forbearance allows you to reduce or temporarily postpone payments interest-free (Note: applies to subsidized loans only). Deferment allows you to postpone payments based on financial hardships such as unemployment or medical issues; however, interest is still applied to the principal amount during this time.

Q: How are scholarship winners chosen?
Scholarships are generally awarded to WGU Indiana students after the following requirements are met:

  • Basic eligibility
  • An evaluation of your application answers
  • An interview with a scholarship counselor

Note: Requirements vary; additional factors may include an evaluation of prior college coursework or testing.

Q: Will I be notified if I win a scholarship?
After submitting your application, WGU Indiana will notify you within 2-4 weeks if you have been selected for the scholarship.

Note: We usually require applicants to be accepted into a WGU Indiana program before pursuing scholarships. Contact an Enrollment Counselor for more information.

Q: Will my scholarship awards be disbursed at once?
No, financial awards like scholarships are applied to the cost of each individual term. Review your scholarship details for more information.

Q: Can I apply for financial aid in addition to scholarships?
Yes, applying for scholarships does not affect your eligibility for financial aid. Considering your financial aid options in addition to pursuing scholarships is a smart way to ensure that your tuition and fees are covered.

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