The commitment needed to succeed at WGU

Successful WGU students are self-disciplined individuals with a strong commitment to earn a degree—not just take courses. For each six-month term, you'll be scheduled for a full course load—typically about four courses—although some students may be able to complete more courses in a term. Because tuition is charged at a flat rate, students with the time and ability to complete more courses in a term can accelerate, allowing them to graduate sooner and save money.

Handling a WGU course load requires dedication. Successful students typically spend an average of 15–20 or more hours per week on their studies, although they do have great flexibility in terms of when and where they study.

So, expect to put in substantial time and effort to realize your education and career goals. Along the way you'll be supported by our faculty and staff, including a dedicated mentor, an innovative learning environment, and learning resources.