Welcome Indiana Interactive Intelligence Employees

Welcome Indiana Interactive Intelligence Employees

Interactive Intelligence

Partnership Benefits for qualified Indiana Interactive Intelligence Employees

  • 5% discount on tuition for four terms

Note: You may be eligible to apply for additional WGU Indiana scholarship offerings. Click to learn more.

WGU Indiana has aligned with Indiana Interactive Intelligence to offer a tuition discount to qualified Indiana Interactive Intelligence employees.

As the state’s online, nonprofit, competency-based university, WGU Indiana offers accredited degree programs in business, information technology, teacher education, and health professions, including nursing.

The unique, competency-based approach to education is an ideal match for busy, working adults who need a degree to advance their careers. As a student, you’ll be able to leverage your existing competencies—from work experience and prior education—to complete the requirements of your degree and potentially accelerate your program. You’ll also enjoy unparalleled flexibility and the personalized attention of a dedicated mentor.

Why Choose WGU?

Affordable Tuition

WGU Indiana is a nonprofit online university. What does this mean for you? Very affordable tuition. In fact, WGU Indiana charges less than half what other reputable online universities typically charge. Tuition is charged at a flat rate, meaning if you can complete your program in less time, you’ll save both time and money. WGU Indiana is also approved to offer both federal and state financial aid to those who qualify.

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Competency-Based Learning

At WGU Indiana, we measure learning, not time. You earn your degree by demonstrating competence in your field. Through independent study, learning resources, and carefully designed courses, you learn and master essential skills and knowledge necessary for success. If you have existing competencies from prior work and education, you may be able to draw upon this experience to complete course requirements faster and accelerate your degree program.

Read more about competency-based learning.

Flexible and Supportive

If your schedule demands flexibility, WGU Indiana is for you. In most cases, you can access course material or study independently at the time and place you choose. You can progress at a pace that enables you to earn a college degree while managing a career, family, and life’s other challenges. Our competency-based approach to learning allows for extensive personalization of your program to fit around your busy schedule.

You will study under the guidance of a dedicated mentor who will work with and support you from enrollment to graduation. Together with your mentor you’ll develop a personalized Degree Plan—a roadmap and schedule for successfully completing your program.

For More Information

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