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The realm of business comprises competitive commerce, changing markets, and consumer-driven initiatives. Employers are looking for top-notch employees to meet the array of challenges. At WGU Indiana, you will learn how to develop your business knowledge and strategic skills to rise to the occasion.

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Today's business world is competitive, market-driven, and constantly changing. Businesses want to hire the best employees, and the best employees are those who possess relevant skills and knowledge. With an online business degree from WGU Indiana, you can master the skills and acquire the knowledge you need for a successful career. WGU Indiana's programs are ideal for experienced business professionals who need the flexibility of an online degree and the credibility of an accredited university to get ahead.

WGU Indiana's online business degrees are supported by several major corporations and foundations who serve on our Business Program Council and National Advisory Board. Your degree will be respected by employers because it was designed by employers to meet the specific demands of the workplace.

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    "The dreams of 19 governors have become WGU Grad Angie Gonzalez's dream fulfilled." — Tom Costello

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    Find out why Fast Company calls WGU one of the world's 50 most-innovative companies, CNN says we're "a school without boundaries," and major news outlets from NPR to Bloomberg BusinessWeek are touting WGU's "potential to transform the higher education industry."

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  • Mitch Daniels,
    WGU Indiana Founding Governor

    "WGU Indiana gives working Hoosiers a great opportunity to obtain an affordable, accessible, high-quality online degree that meets the highest academic and professional standards."

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