A Student-Focused Approach to Online Education

Many aspects of your WGU academic experience will be very similar to what you’d expect at any college. You’ll study, complete assignments, and take tests, and you’ll interact with your fellow students. Other aspects of the WGU experience are quite different—even from other online universities.

Below is an in-depth look into how the academic experience works at WGU. You are encouraged to speak with an Enrollment Counselor who can help walk you through this section to better explain what you’ll experience as a WGU student.


The Student Portal

Wondering what it's like to study online at WGU Indiana? We make it easy for students to study anytime, anywhere, on our virtual "campus," which we call the Student Portal. The Student Portal provides students with access to everything they need to complete their coursework and connect with faculty and fellow students. Take this quick tour to see how it works.

Your Program Mentor – Your Guide to Your Success

At WGU, you’ll have a dedicated guide in your educational pursuits. Your Program Mentor will offer support throughout your academic career.
Learn more about working with your Student Mentor.

Your Degree Plan – Your Blueprint for Success

Your Degree Plan serves as your blueprint for the program requirements and resources you’ll use to complete your degree program.
Learn more about your Degree Plan.

Completing Assessments – Your Proof of Success

You will be required to prove your competency in subject areas through carefully designed assessments. Assessments can take many forms, including objective exams, research papers, assignments, projects, and essays.
Learn more about the process for completing assessments.

Learning Resources – Your Tools to Succeed

Learning resources are your means to developing competency, including textbooks, e-textbooks, web-based tutorials, simulations, and instructor-led online classes.
Learn more about WGU's learning resources.

Online Student Communities – Your Connections for Success

You’ll have access to student communities designed to connect you with university leaders and other students who can help you be successful in your degree program.
Learn more about the online student portal and communities.

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