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WGU Indiana joins the Indiana Emergency Nurses Association to offer new scholarship

News Brief - 5/5/17

Online, nonprofit university now accepting applications from ENA members

INDIANAPOLIS — WGU Indiana made $10,000 in nursing scholarships available today in conjunction with the Indiana Emergency Nurses Association (ENA). The Indiana ENA Scholarship will be available to five nursing students, at a value of $2,000 each.

“Healthcare professions are among the fastest growing careers in Indiana, and emergency nurses in particular are needed across our state,” said Indiana ENA President Sherri Marley. “This scholarship and WGU’s commitment to nurses more broadly, goes a long way in assisting outstanding professionals in their goal of advancing their careers and continuing to serve Hoosiers across the state.”

WGU Indiana announced the scholarship during today’s symposium for the Indiana ENA. Any active member enrolled or enrolling in WGU Indiana’s healthcare programs is eligible. These programs include nursing, healthcare informatics, healthcare management and integrated healthcare. Recipients must maintain an ENA membership while enrolled to keep the scholarship.

“We know the current demand for quality healthcare professionals is high,” said WGU Indiana Chancellor Allison Barber. “As such, it is our goal at WGU Indiana to keep the costs down and make a college education convenient and attainable for working adults intending to serve in the field. Competency-based education is a great way for students to accelerate their learning and move quickly through material with which they are familiar.”

Scholarships will be awarded based on the candidate’s academic record, readiness for online study, and current competency, as well as other considerations. For more information on the Indiana ENA scholarship and additional WGU scholarships, visit the WGU Indiana website.

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