WGU Indiana Student Spotlight: Michelle Modlin

Michelle Modlin was working two jobs and raising four children with her husband when she decided to go back to college. Even so, Michelle knew she needed her bachelor’s degree.

"I'm a registered nurse with an associate degree, but [having a] B.S. (Bachelor of Science) is becoming the new standard. I knew that had to be done and I wanted to get it done in a quick amount of time, as cost-effectively as possible," Modlin said.

After researching all of her options, Michelle chose the accredited online nursing degree program at WGU Indiana.

Indiana online nursing degree student Michelle Modlin

Michelle with WGU Indiana Chancellor Allison Barber

Michelle is not alone. Thousands of working adults in Indiana have discovered what Governor Daniels established in June of 2010: a nonprofit online university to help them finish their bachelor’s degrees or earn their master’s degrees.

Michelle receives weekly calls from her mentor, Annette, who provides personalized support from enrollment through graduation. Michelle says she appreciates Annette’s calls and they have helped motivate her in the midst of her busy lifestyle. Working at her own pace and using the knowledge she has gained through experience working at two hospitals, Michelle recently achieved her goal of earning a BSN!

Congratulations, Michelle, and happy National Nurses Week!

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