WGU Indiana Commencement Speaker Spotlight Part 3 - Randall Frietzsche

Commencement Speaker Randall Frietzsche

NOTE: This is part three in our four-part commencement speaker feature series

If you’ve been following our commencement speaker series, you’ve already read the inspiring stories for Erica Taylor and Greg Zobel, two recent WGU Indiana graduates who overcame life barriers to go further in their education.

Now we’d like you to meet Randall Frietzsche, a family man whose New Year’s resolution was to earn a bachelor’s degree in IT. Unlike many New Year’s resolutions that fall by the wayside, this one stuck. Here’s his story:

“At the age of 45, I had spent a lifetime working my way up the corporate ladder. I had gained experience and skills, certifications and credentials. But I found myself progressing at a very slow pace. When I looked at others who had advanced further than me, the most common characteristic was that they held a bachelor’s degree.

Don’t get me wrong. I’d tried several times in the past to complete my degree, but something always got in the way – money, work, time and other commitments. I longed for an affordable but challenging online program, one that would allow me to complete coursework at my own pace. I dreamed one day of a college that wouldn’t break the bank. And I found that at WGU Indiana.

One New Year’s Eve, I sat in evaluation of my life and became determined to once and for all reach that finish line. Then I enrolled in WGU Indiana and my experience was rewarding. The coursework was difficult but engaging and exhilarating. I met each challenge placed in my way – money, work, time and other commitments, and did 83 credit hours in just three terms.

Now, the ladder isn’t so steep. I am on equal terms with my peers. The management and executive levels are no longer just above that glass ceiling but are a very real possibility. The competency I’ve been able to display with my education at WGU Indiana is a value for employers. And the drive, determination, organization and sheer willpower to get things done – critical characteristics needed in this program – are equally valued. So much that I received a job offer for an advanced position upon completing my degree.”

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