Traveling Nurse says WGU’s Education Opened Endless Doors

Kate Grundy On a chilly day in Indiana, we had the enriching opportunity to speak with traveling nurse and WGU grad, Kate Grundy, who was thrilled to be working out of sunny California.

A first generation college student, Kate feels her WGU degree opened many doors. While employed at St. Vincent, she was pursuing an associate’s degree at ITT. She knew that even though she would complete it, she aspired to go further with her education. She learned WGU offered a tuition discount to St. Vincent employees, and was enticed by the flexibility and autonomy a fully online school offered. Little did she know at that time, what a difference WGU would make in her life.

Successful online students are intrinsically motivated; however, Kate’s motivation ebbed and flowed as life presented challenges. She worked, went to school full time and served as the primary caregiver for her single mother, who was fighting stage 4 cancer. This was a difficult and long road, but in spite of it all, Kate completed her bachelor's of science in nursing, and her mother proudly saw Kate graduate before losing a hard-fought battle to cancer.

Kate loves her job as a traveling nurse. She has enjoyed the freedom, opportunity, and peace of mind her WGU bachelor’s degree provided. And, she was energized doing assignments! (Did we mention we don’t often hear this from students?) She visualized herself in the course scenarios, and if she hadn’t already experienced it, she could visualize the potential of encountering the scenarios. This motivated and energized her to want to do the assignments and learn more.

Kate said the education she received at WGU was worth more than the money she had to pay. (As if she didn’t already have our full attention...) Kate explained that she now has many open doors. She had been turned down for good jobs, previously, because her ITT degree came from an unaccredited institution; however, WGU is accredited, and she now holds a bachelor's degree. It has changed everything!

Her big disappointment is that WGU does not offer doctorate degrees. She loved the flexibility, affordability and competency-based education at WGU. But her ultimate goal is to become Dr. Kate Grundy, Nurse Practitioner, so she will be resuming her online doctoral pursuit at Bradley University.

Good luck, Kate! WGU is proud to have you as one of our own!

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