Indiana County Blitz: Kosciusko County

WGU Indiana Students in Kosciusko County: 18

WGU Indiana visited Kosciusko County on January 26 – 27, 2012, meeting with community leaders and organizations to spread the word about the state’s online, nonprofit university. Our mission is to help the 9,000 people in Kosciusko County who have some college and now want to Go Further in their education.

Indiana Online University County Tour: Kosciusko

Governor Daniels meets with WGU Indiana students and mentor at the 100th Annual Chamber Dinner in Warsaw.

WGU Indiana Chancellor Allison Barber and Ivy Tech Regional Chancellor Dr. Thomas Coley.


Chancellor Allison Barber meets with Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer.

WGU Indiana meets with Biomet, maker of orthopaedic prosthetics in Kosciusko County.


Chancellor Barber talks to Ivy Tech faculty and administrators about the Ivy Tech partnership and benefits for Ivy Tech graduates.


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