By Chancellor Allison Barber Six years ago, WGU Indiana launched and our first community activity was a sponsorship at the State Fair. We stood at our table on Main Street passing out fans, literature, t-shirts and we sponsored the shuttle busses. We spent 17 days explaining what WGU stood for

Meet Gayle, a passionate go-getter from Indianapolis. Gayle is happily pursuing her dream job as a technical specialist, but the road towards success was bumpy at times. As a young child, Gayle suffered from a learning disability which made academics difficult. However, Gayle was not convinced that she was unable

In 1993, Mary Phillips received a full-tuition scholarship to attend Franklin College to earn her bachelor’s degree. While attending Franklin College, she fell upon hard times. After giving birth to her oldest child, Mary became very ill and could not attend school, resulting in the loss of her scholarship. In

My name is Brandi Zook, and I’m an elementary school teacher, a WGU Indiana Alumni, a mother to my 11 month old son and currently a stay at home mom. Being awarded the Military Spouse Scholarship, by WGU Indiana, while my then active duty husband was deployed, allowed me to

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