Guest blogger: Teresa Lubbers, Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education How often do we hear or use the phrase, “It is what it is”? I know I’ve used it at times when I can’t seem to explain an event, behavior or disappointment. But is that really true? Sure there are circumstances

At the 2016 Indiana State Fair, we were honored to meet several WGU Indiana students and grads. One of which was Stella Williams, a very special student. Stella has worked at the VA Medical Center in Indianapolis for 12 years. She is a Medical Administrative Specialist with dreams of becoming

Most people that are familiar with WGU Indiana know that we offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees online at an affordable rate. However, another aspect of the university is the generous credit transfer program. This offers a great opportunity for those who have taken courses or obtained a degree in a

By WGU Indiana Chancellor Allison Barber Clearly, with a title like Two Ducks and a Monkey, my mind must be set on the upcoming State Fair and all of the animals. Although, I have never seen ducks or monkeys there, except on those annoying rides that spin round and round.

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