Serving in the Marine Corp introduced Arlie Hartman to a career in IT, and after earning his bachelor’s degree from WGU Indiana, he feels validated by his knowledge and experience. In 1997, I enlisted in the Marine Corps in because I wanted to give back to our Nation. The Marine

After serving in the Marine Corp for six years, Matthew Collins knew that it was time to get his degree and WGU Indiana was the right fit to help him advance his career in the IT field. How will your education help you professionally? I earned my bachelor’s degree from

As an active duty service member, Corey Howard’s actions will be remembered as part of his nation's history forever. However, he understands that his legacy isn’t confined to those who know him personally. So, he’s prepared for his family’s future in the best way that he can, by furthering his

The Army saved my life by introducing me to the world and to an IT career that I didn’t know existed. My IT degree from WGU Indiana has positioned me for success for me and my family’s future. In 1999 I joined the Army. I was in the signal field,

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