Sarah Fisher

Sarah Fisher knows a thing or two about getting the job done. Laura Nicolet plays a big part in Sarah's race to her degree, serving as her cheerleader and coach in her job as Sarah's student mentor. We caught up with Sarah out at the track and talked to her and Laura about how they work together to cross the finish line.

At WGU Indiana, we know there will always be obstacles standing in the way of degree attainment, which is why we equip you with a partner in your studies, someone to guide you and motivate you – your student mentor.

We asked and you replied! Here are the top five tips current WGU Indiana students and graduates shared for new students like IndyCar team owner and former driver Sarah Fisher:

We are thrilled to welcome our newest College of Business student, IndyCar team owner and former driver Sarah Fisher! Just like many WGU Indiana students, Sarah is a mom, busy professional, and driven to finish her Bachelor’s degree.

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