With help from her two WGU nursing degrees, Corrine Harleman was able to achieve her dream of owning and operating her own business, The Home Health Training Center.

Sixty-one year old Jennifer Meyer chose to earn her MBA in Healthcare with WGU Indiana because it is a personal goal of hers to obtain a graduate degree. Jennifer enrolled in November 2013 and expects to graduate in early 2016.

This week WGU Indiana has celebrated National Nurses Week in a big way—we have crisscrossed the state, visiting more than 50 hospitals in about 25 cities, bringing hundreds of sweet treats to show appreciation to one of the most noble and caring professions—that of the nurse.

Meet Anitrice Green, an ASN to MSN in Nursing Education graduate. She was kind enough to give us some insight on her time at WGU Indiana in celebration of Nurses Week…

WGU Indiana is proud to launch $30,000 in new Go Further in Nursing Scholarships to help more nurses earn the credentials they need for the future. The Institute of Medicine recommends that the proportion of nurses with baccalaureate degrees be increased to 80 percent by 2020.

Michelle Modlin was working two jobs and raising four children with her husband when she decided to go back to college. Even so, Michelle knew she needed her bachelor’s degree. After researching all of her options, Michelle chose the accredited online program at WGU Indiana.

This is National Nurse Appreciation Week and at WGU Indiana, we want to take a minute to say thanks to all of the people who choose a career entirely focused on helping others. We are honored to present 7 Go Further scholarships to nurses who are enrolled in our Indiana online university.

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