March 2017

Becoming a good teacher is a bit of a catch-22. In order to become good, you have to care enough about your students that you’re willing to put in the hard work (and long hours) required to help them succeed. But this poses a problem: Research says that the more

Being the most credentialed or experienced IT professional in the room doesn't mean much if you're lacking these four critical qualities. Professional awareness and personal development matter. The industry of information technology changes on what seems to be a quantum level. To keep pace with the changes, consider incorporating a

If you love the field of healthcare but aren't sure what advanced path to invest in, this information could help you decide. Other than tech, there is no industry with the amount of growth that healthcare is experiencing. Of the 100 top growth jobs of 2017, as reported by US

Wondering what your experience could contribute to, check this list for high-salary jobs. Each morning, we get up for work and prepare to bring our best. We like to believe that our work is going to be noticed, and that our tireless efforts are going to launch us into the

Why waste time stuck in a rut? Your time is more valuable than that, and a positive change is just one step away. Unfortunately, it’s all too common to feel professionally stuck; to be cornered between a proverbial rock and a hard place. And, understandably, the knowledge that bad things

A special resource for working adults was designed to make it possible to take on change amidst even the busiest of times. Many have found WGU so life-changing that they come back for seconds. Every WGU Indiana graduate has his or her own story and reason for pursing a degree.

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