January 2015

One of the biggest obstacles to going back to school is finding the funding. And while we are committed to keeping our costs low by freezing our tuition at $6,000 a year, that's not always enough. For those of you looking for other ways to supplement your schooling budget, check out the tips for our nursing alumnus, Tami Wilson. She received her BSN and MSN with no out of pocket cost and she has some great advice for finding the nursing scholarship that works for you!

Affordable tuition + speed to graduation + free learning resources + efficient use of time + increased salaries = WGU Indiana.

It's January, it's really cold out, and that has curtailed some of our normally busy office activity. As I look forward to resumption of "busy," let me tell you what I mean...

It's that time of the year again to make resolutions and promises to ourselves. You know the ones, "go to the gym; drink more water; get more sleep." But what is going to make this time different than past attempts? A plan.

Recently, WGU Indiana's MBA program was ranked #3 in the state by Indiana Business Journal! This is up from the 2013 IBJ fourth place ranking. In addition to being the home to the third ranked MBA program in the state, WGU Indiana was ranked #4 in online degree programs by the 2014 IBJ Book of Lists!

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