January 2014

In celebration of National Mentor Appreciation Month, we asked our students to tell us the best thing about their student mentor. And they didn't hold back! The unique relationship between mentors and students is one of the reasons WGU works. We salute our mentors for their dedication to helping Hoosiers graduate.

Brant Ames, an MBA student, talks about the important role course mentors play in the success of the students.

The need for STEM educators in Indiana is more prominent than ever before. A recent report compiled by Top Education Degrees showed that American schoolchildren are two grade levels behind same-age international counterparts in areas of STEM. Part of that can be attributed to their teachers’ not specializing in the areas they are teaching. Only 31% of math teachers and 48% of science teachers had degrees in those respective fields.

At the height of the holiday season, most of us are feeling the frustration of waiting – whether it’s waiting at the grocery store to buy your New Year’s Day dinner or waiting in the return line at customer service. Well now’s there’s one place you don’t have to wait, and that’s WGU Indiana. You can “Lose the Wait” with us this new year and here’s how:

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