March 2013

WGU Indiana is helping students achieve their education goals no matter how long ago they set them. For Anna Schaefer, going back to school was a step toward fulfilling a promise she made to herself when she was younger. At age 20, she was a single mother on welfare, and she made the difficult decision to drop out of college to work fulltime so she could get off government assistance. Anna promised herself she would go back to school and finish as soon as her daughter could read.

Leaders from all over Indiana have all come together to leverage their roles to support the importance of degree attainment by signing the pledge created by WGU Indiana.

How does a husband, father of three, and business president find the time to go back to school? Mike Pitts had to juggle all three and he was able to do so because of WGU Indiana’s flexibility. He chose WGU Indiana because he was motivated by the desire to finish what he started, and wanted to set an example for his daughters.

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