November 2012

Jody Sloan recently contributed $500.00 to award the Ida B. Sloan scholarship, named in honor of his grandmother, to a single parent enrolling at WGU Indiana, the state’s nonprofit online university. The scholarship is the first of its kind and Jody hopes that it will inspire other WGU Indiana alumni to give back.

Are you getting inundated with Cyber Monday discounts and deals? As the Chancellor of WGU Indiana, the state's online university, believe me when I say that I know "Cyber!" And, as a consummate shopper, you know, the type that gets up at 4:00 a.m. to shop on Black Friday, I also know a good deal!

College completion is the best pathway to success for our citizens and their families and is a serious issue for our region, our state and our country. College completion counts for our region, our state, and our country. But it counts most for those who have successfully returned to college and earned their degree.

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