May 2012

On Saturday, May 26th, 15 WGU Indiana students escorted the American Flag balloon in the 500 Festival Parade in downtown Indianapolis. Having a representative crew of WGU students hold the strings of the flag signified not only WGU Indiana's focus on putting students first, but also emphasized the university's continued commitment to military-friendly initiatives.

WGU Indiana has joined forces with the Indianapolis Colts to raise awareness for the university’s master’s degree programs. Former Colts player Ken Dilger is now a university spokesperson following his enrollment in WGU Indiana’s MBA program.

WGU Indiana MBA—IT Management student, Jeff Lee, shares how he is pursuing his degree at WGU Indiana while balancing work, family, and pursuing his passion for community service.

In just its second year of existence, WGU Indiana has been recognized for its academic quality by the state’s governing body of public colleges and universities. The Indiana Commission for Higher Education (CHE) highlighted WGU Indiana as the university where flexibility meets academic quality.

Michelle Modlin was working two jobs and raising four children with her husband when she decided to go back to college. Even so, Michelle knew she needed her bachelor’s degree. After researching all of her options, Michelle chose the accredited online program at WGU Indiana.

WGU Indiana student Bradford Bright is pursuing a B.S. in Information Technology-Software. He recently took some time to let us know how things are going, and talk a little about why WGU Indiana was, and still is, the right choice for him.

WGU Indiana, the state’s online, nonprofit university, was recently recognized as a Top Place to Work in Indianapolis. In less than two years since its inception, WGU Indiana employs 102 full time faculty members, most of whom work remotely with students across the state and nation. More than 75 percent of these faculty members have a master’s level degree or higher in their career field, and a majority of its enrollment counselors have extensive backgrounds in higher education. Below is an inside look at the philosophy and practices of the university’s two leaders here in Indiana.

State Sen. Earline Rogers, a member of WGU Indiana's advisory board, recently wrote a column for in which she discussed the recently released strategic plan of the Indiana Commission for Higher Education and its showcase of WGU Indiana.

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