March 2011

Are you looking for a job or will you soon be looking for one when you graduate from WGU Indiana? Kick off your job search with our new webinar series. These webinars were created to cover topics –like job search tactics –that students and grads may find useful.

Chancellor Allison Barber is traveling the state of Indiana to meet with other Indiana university chancellors, business leaders, and of course, WGU Indiana students. She always makes time to meet with the local students wherever she makes a stop. She recently made a stop in Evansville and gave us a glimpse of the amazing people that make up part of WGU Indiana’s student body.

Introducing Chris Hartig, a student from WGU Indiana’s Business College. Chris shared his WGU Indiana experience and advice with us in this quick interview. Welcome Chris!

Recently, we had some WGU Indiana students send us pictures of them showing off their school spirit. We loved it! If you have pictures of you or your family in WGU Indiana gear, send them our way!

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