October 2010

In June 2010, Governor Mitch Daniels announced a national partnership with the non-profit online university Western Governors University and Indiana, forming WGU Indiana. On October 27, 2010 WGU Indiana held its first ever commencement ceremony with 7 graduating students at Indiana State House. This marks an historic moment, the first of many commencement ceremonies for WGU Indiana college students. Governor Mitch Daniels and WGU Indiana Chancellor Allison Barber hosted the event. Dawn Hanson, a graduate of WGU Indiana's College of Health Professions, spoke at the ceremony.

In June 2010, Governor Mitch Daniels establishes WGU Indiana, a partnership between the state and Western Governors University. Aiming at expanding access to higher education for Hoosiers. This is an important opportunity for Indiana's adult learners who want to advance in their careers and get a college degree or get a new degree. WGU Indiana is an affordable and flexible non-profit online university that will increase the percentage of the state's adult population with education beyond high school.

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