By Chris Robinson Would you believe me if I told you that a 71 year-old can find success by accomplishing his bachelor’s degree with an all-online university? Well you can believe it! John Wunderlich, 71, is making WGU Indiana history this year as he walks this Saturday at our 6th

Like many of our students, Meghann had climbed as high as she could in the corporate ladder without a degree. When she decided to go back to school she needed a program that was flexible, accredited, self-paced and affordable. She found her answer in WGU Indiana. To say Meghann was

For Lisa, there was never going to be a “right time” to go back to school – there was only “right now.” “For many years, I attempted to juggle earning my degree while working full time, and inevitably, my career always took precedence over my education,” said Lisa. “In my

Nursing was a second career choice for Teresa who was inspired by the great work done by the doctors, nurses and therapists who cared for her son who was born with special needs. With a bachelor’s degree from Purdue in management, Teresa went to Ivy Tech to earn her ASN.

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