That isn’t a statement you hear very often, in fact you probably couldn’t get very many people to even agree to such a statement. Research even supports the idea that for most American’s higher education is not affordable. In 2012 the average Bachelor’s degree graduate had $30,000 in student loan

My name is Sandy Aldrich and I completed an MBA Healthcare Management from WGU in May of 2015. I am the director of operations for inpatient physician practices for four hospitals that are part of a large health system in Indiana. I have about 140 direct reports including physicians and

The world is changing rapidly and as a result, the way employers hire and the expectations of professionals are also changing. I recently attended a NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) event where career service professionals came together to discuss emerging trends in the workplace and how these trends

Chelsie Flanders first obtained her associate degree in education from Ivy Tech before transferring to WGU Indiana. With a passion for education, Chelsie wanted to make sure that she was able to work in a classroom early on in her career. One problem Chelsie faced was finding a school that

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