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WGU Indiana Offers Virtual Internship Opportunities

News Brief - 12/19/16

Hoosier companies can now hire WGU students as virtual interns

INDIANAPOLIS — WGU Indiana has developed an innovative virtual internship program that will connect Hoosier businesses to students who can work remotely on projects and gain valuable technical experience.

Working in partnership with the Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s Indiana INTERNnet (, the program connects WGU Indiana students, who are already well-versed in online, competency-based work, with employers. Participating companies will have access to a larger number of potential interns without the same geographic constraints that would normally limit the talent pool.

“Virtual internships expand the pool of interns available to employers because geographic, time and space limitations are eliminated,” said Janet Boston, executive director of Indiana INTERNnet. “In today’s virtual workplace, many internships lend themselves to working remotely and using technology to communicate with an employer.”

Indiana INTERNnet manages a database of more than 4,000 active students and thousands of Indiana companies on their online portal. Virtual interns must be able to perform job responsibilities remotely, and be available to begin and end any time throughout the year.

“WGU Indiana students are well prepared to serve as virtual interns because of their experience with competency-based coursework and, in most cases, their real-world work experience,” said WGU Indiana Chancellor Allison Barber. “As technology advances to accommodate the 24- hour business cycle, it’s becoming more and more common for companies to utilize telecommuters, remote employees, and virtual workforces.”

For more information about WGU Indiana’s virtual internship program, please visit

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