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Governor Holcomb continues WGU Indiana Charter

News Brief - 1/10/17

Holcomb continues partnership forged by former governors Daniels and Pence

INDIANAPOLIS — Newly inaugurated Governor of Indiana, Eric Holcomb, signed an executive order on Monday that recognizes WGU Indiana and continues a partnership between the State of Indiana and the online, competency-based university. WGU Indiana was established in 2010 by Governor Mitch Daniels and will continue to offer accredited bachelor's and master's degrees in business, teacher education, information technology, and health professions, including nursing.

“Indiana will only meet the demands of the complex 21st-century economy by empowering innovative organizations like WGU to connect Hoosiers to the education and training they need to succeed,” Governor Holcomb said. “I'm a big believer in the kind of access WGU provides to students as they prepare for new or advanced workforce opportunities, and I look forward to seeing their continued success.”

With students in all 92 Indiana counties, WGU Indiana has maintained its focus on competency-based, individualized learning, allowing students to move quickly through areas where they have prior work or academic experience and focus on the areas they still need to learn. Degree programs are designed to allow students to schedule their studies to accommodate work and family obligations.

“Governor Holcomb has said from the beginning that quality education for all Hoosiers is a priority and that is evident in his support of WGU Indiana and our hardworking students,” said Chancellor Allison Barber. “It has been an honor to serve the Governor on his transition team and I look forward to the opportunities his administration will provide for Hoosiers who want to receive a college education.”

Studies show that WGU graduates significantly improve their careers and salaries because employers value their competence and readiness for real-world jobs. Additionally, with flat-rate tuition about $6,000 a year, WGU's learning model makes it possible for a student to finish their degree in less time and for less money, allowing them to borrow less or none at all, ultimately providing a better return on their educational investment.

To read the full executive order signed by Governor Holcomb, go to:

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